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Issue 3: Family – then there was us.

Issue 3: Family – then there was us.


This issue explores the rich terrain of family, a topic that offers many possibilities, from our own position within a family or group, age, gender, the questioning of our own identity and sense of kin. The work in this issue is an exploration of the public and private, those involved examine the web of social relationships and address the traditional and non-traditional ideas of family and kinship.

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Kaitlin Maxwell / Paddy Summerfield / Peter Finnemore / Matthew Finn /
Louisa Marie Summer / Matteo Buonomo / Ciro Battiloro / Nathan Ashmall / Sam Gregg / Ellie Smith / Ronan Mckenzie / Thomas Duffield /
Tom Johnson / Laura Mccluskey / Bettina Pittluga / Matt Macpake

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Size: 280mm / 210mm
Pages: 120
Binding: Perfect Bound
Paper: 150gsm Uncoated Recycled
Published: Public Source
Project: then there was us.

Issue 3: Family – then there was us. Image 2
Issue: 2 Home & Migration – then there was us.
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Issue: 1 Contested Territories – then there was us.
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