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World Cup 2018 – then there was us.

World Cup 2018 – then there was us.

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35 photographers recording, documenting and showcasing the 2018 world cup.

The World Cup represents the largest and arguably the most important football event in the UK. With football being the UK's most popular sport Then There Was Us brought together 35 photographers from all over to record, document and showcase what football means to so many. From the clubs and pubs to the homes and streets of England, from the expatriates abroad and the big came in Russia, Then There Was Us is proud to showcase a selection of images from an open call during the 2018 World Cup.

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Size: A5
Pages: 63
Binding: Ring Bound
Paper: 150gsm Uncoated
Photographers Features: 35
Published: Public Source
Project: then there was us.

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